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Gustavo Galvão is a Brazilian filmmaker, producer and screenwriter. He released seven short films between 2002 and 2008, shown at almost 90 festivals worldwide and acquired by the major TV broadcasters in Brazil. Highlights are the award-winning Life Next Door (A Vida ao Lado, 2006) and My Own Way of Being Alone (A Minha Maneira de Estar Sozinho, 2008), official selection of the Rencontres Cinémas d'Amérique Latine de Toulouse (in France).

Galvão's first feature, Nine Chronicles for a Screaming Heart (Nove Crônicas para um Coração aos Berros, 2012), won a special mention from the FIPRESCI Jury at the 31st International Film Festival of Uruguay and was awarded with the Best Director Prize at the 10th Maringá Film Festival (Brazil, 2013). Commercially released in ten cities in Brazil, the movie is available throughout Latin America on iTunes and was available also on Netflix (2015-2017).

His second feature film, the critically acclaimed A Violent Dose of Anything (Uma Dose Violenta de Qualquer Coisa , 2013), was released in 17 cities. The next feature to be released by Galvão, Ainda Temos a Imensidão da Noite (We Still Have the Deep Black Night), was shot in September and October 2017 in locations in Berlin and Brasilia. The release will take place in 2019.

In two decades working as filmmaker, Galvão has already directed great names of the Brazilian cinema and theater. He worked with actors such as Leonardo Medeiros (awarded with the Best Actor Prize at the Brasilia Film Festival for Life Next Door), Simone Spoladore (honored at Tiradentes Film Festival with the screening of Nine Chronicles for a Screaming Heart), Marat Descartes (also honored at Tiradentes, with the screening of A Violent Dose of Anything, which earned him the Best Supporting Actor Prize in the FIESP/SESI-SP Awards, in 2015), Denise Weinberg, Mário Bortolotto, André Frateschi, Júlio Andrade, Silvia Lourenço, and Cacá Amaral, among others. With We Still Have the Deep Black Night, the challenge was to put together a rock band with real musicians and make the most of themselves as actors. One of the founders of Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo was the producer of the original soundtrack of the movie.

The filmmaker has been working also as curator and programmer of festivals and exhibits, having developed 12 events for Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Rio, São Paulo, and Brasilia) and one for Caixa Cultural (Rio de Janeiro), besides previous participations as programmer at the Brasilia International Film Festival and at the São Paulo International Short Film Festival.


Brasilia, Brazil, 1976
Degree in Journalism, University of Brasília (1999)
Specialization in Film at Escuela Universitaria de Artes y Espectáculos (former Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos, Madrid, 2003)
Managing partner at 400 Filmes (Brasilia)
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Ainda Temos a Imensidão da Noite (We Still Have the Deep Black Night | 2K | 2019)
Uma Dose Violenta de Qualquer Coisa (A Violent Dose of Anything | 35mm | 2013)
Nove Crônicas para um Coração aos Berros (Nine Chronicles for a Screaming Heart | 35mm | 2012)


A Minha Maneira de Estar Sozinho (My Own Way of Being Alone | 35mm | 2008)
A Vida ao Lado (Life Next Door | 35mm | 2006)
Uma Questão de Tempo (A Matter of Time | 35mm | 2006), codirected with Catarina Accioly
Uma Noite com Ela (A Night with Her | 35mm | 2005)
Danae (35mm | 2004)
As Incríveis Bolinhas do Dr. Sorriso Sarcástico (Dr. Sarcastic Smile's Amazing Pills | 16mm | 2003)
Emma na Tempestade (Emma in the Storm | 35mm | 2002)


2012 / 2019


We Still Have the Deep Black Night

Brazil/Germany, 2K, 98 minutes, 2019
Director, screenwriter and producer

* Sponsored by the Audiovisual Sector Fund (Prodecine 05/2015, Brazil)
* Development sponsored by the Audiovisual Sector Fund (Prodav 04/2013, Brazil)
* Released at the 43rd São Paulo Intl. Film Festival (Brazil, 2019)

Tired of the struggle with her vigorous rock band, where she sings and plays the trumpet, Karen leaves Brasilia. She tries her luck in Berlin, following the steps of her former partner Artur. The invitation comes from Martin, a German friend with whom they form an unpredictable triangle.


A Violent Dose of Anything

Brazil, 35mm, 96 minutes, 2013
Director, screenwriter and producer

* Sponsored by the Culture Support Fund (Brasilia)
* Screened at seven films festivals in Brazil and abroad, among them: 46th Brasilia Film Festival (Brazil, 2013), 37th São Paulo Intl. Film Festival (Brazil, 2013) and 17th Tiradentes Film Festival (Brazil, 2014)

* 46th Brasilia Film Festival – Câmara Legislativa Award for Best Soundtrack (2013)
* 11th FIESP/SESI-SP Movie Awards – Best Supporting Actor (Marat Descartes, 2015)
* Released in 17 cities in Brazil (August-October 2014)
* Available throughout Brazil on Indie Cine (2017-2019)

Pedro has run away from home, taken the road and he does not know where he is going. Lucas does not know it either, but the road is his stage. They are over 30, and all they take with them is the clothes they are wearing. And after meeting at a roadside café, in the state of Minas Gerais, they travel through the Brazilian savannah seeking for a violent dose of anything.


Nine Chronicles for a Screaming Heart

Brazil, 35mm, 93 minutes, 2012
Director, screenwriter and producer

* Independent production, finished with the support by the Culture Support Fund (Brasilia)
* Screened at ten films festivals in Brazil and abroad, among them: 36th São Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil, 2012), 16th Tiradentes Film Festival (Brazil, 2013), 31st International Film Festival of Uruguay (2013) and 16th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (Austin, USA, 2013)
* 31st International Film Festival of Uruguay – Mention of the ACCU/FIPRESCI Jury (2013)
* 10th Maringá Film Festival – Best Director (2013)
* Released in ten cities in Brazil (2013-2017)
* Available throughout Latin America on Netflix (from 2015 to 2017)
* Available throughout Latin America and in Spain on iTunes (since 2014)
* Available throughout Brazil on Looke (since 2016)

Larissa is no longer in love with Mário; Leopoldo does not know whether to stay or go; Júlio still lives with his mother; Simone is tired of being a hooker; Vanise is reminded of what it means to be a woman; Philipp does not want to go back home; Carol carries a graveyard of memories with her; André wants to make a different kind of sound; Denise decided to have new experiences while there is still time. In this surprising mosaic of human relationships and day-to-day situations, men and women of different ages feel a pressing need to reinvent themselves. They all are, each in their own way, at a turning point in their lives.


2002 / 2008


My Own Way of Being Alone

Brazil, 35mm, 15 minutes, 2008
Director and producer

Swede is a young man in his 20's. He doesn't know how to dance, how to flirt or how to relax. Swede would like to have someone to talk to, but he is alone. Except for Melissa, the only woman in the world who can understand him.


Life Next Door

Brazil, 35mm, 13 minutes, 2006
Director, screenwriter and producer

Cecilia is in love with her neighbor Ana, who is trying to seduce Alberto. She ignores that he is about to commit suicide. In a day full of surprises, the three neighbors share the same experience: love.


A Matter of Time

Brazil, 35mm, 15 minutes, 2006
Director (with Catarina Accioly)


A Night with Her

Brazil, 35mm, 07 minutes, 2005
Director and producer

In a small elevator, a man and a woman are getting ready for a night together. After they kiss, she invites him into her apartment. What now? In the night, anything can happen.



Brazil, 35mm, 09 minutes, 2004
Director, screenwriter and producer

A woman and a man are kissing in a park. Time passes, the relationship cools down and suddenly the man leaves Maria. She suffers. Until an unknown woman embraces her from behind. Maria rediscovers feelings that had been stifled by anger.


Dr. Sarcastic Smile's Amazing Pills

Brazil, 16mm, 09 minutes, 2003
Director, screenwriter and producer

Tormented by his weight problem, a young man decides to seek medical help, yet again. This time, he will get a surprise. Dr. Sarcastic Smile is willing to test his most radical weight-loss programs on the unwitting patient.


Emma in the Storm

Brazil, 35mm, 15 minutes, 2002
Director, screenwriter, producer and editor

A man and a woman see each other on a bus and exchange glances. A sensual game of insinuations starts, and the next day it happens again. The game ends on the third night, with the woman’s disappearance. The man starts looking for her.